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type of equivelent of oerlikon flux 0458 welding wier

Oerlikon Fluxofill Welding Wire - Oerlikon Fluxofill …

Oerlikon Fluxofill Wire is a seamless copper coated basic flux cored wire for the welding of high-strength fine grain structural steels. Operating features include low spatter loss, easy slag removal, and uniform bead appearance.


2019-4-26 · suitable flux BF 10. Flux type suitability is strongly dependent on its appliion. In coination with the wire electrode the most suitable flux should match the requirements of the plate material as closely as possible under the existing welding conditions. Further information can be obtained from the technical flux data sheets.

Flux cored wires | Lincoln Electric

2019-4-27 · From general purpose, to advanced welding projects Lincoln Electric provides flux cored wires meeting and exceeding performance requirements. Diverse spool sizes and packaging help produce great welds, even in the most demanding working conditions.

Productive technologies of flux-cored wires by …

The Swiss company Oerlikon Schweisstechnik, currently part of the Air Liquide Welding Group, was the first manufacturer of welding filler materials that developed a production technology of tubular flux-cored wires (with tubular we refer to a flux-cored wire whose metal mantle containing the flux is isotropic and without discontinuities), or more commonly called “seamless” and already in

WELDING GUIDE WELDING GUIDE. Böhler Welding BÖHLER Type of filler metal Page FOX BVD 100 SMAW electrode for vertical-down welding, CM 5-UP/BB 24 SAW wire/flux-coination, high-alloyed, high temperature 2-163 FOX CM 9 Kb SMAW electrode, high-alloyed, high temperature 2-118

CARBOROD | Oerlikon

2019-4-24 · CARBOROD is suitable for welding mild and C-Mn steels, generally used for the root pass and to support welding when no back pass is possible. Excellent mechanical and toughness properties for low temperature appliions, down to -40°C. TIG rod for welding …

Corthal 760 Welding Wire or Equivalent - Corthal …

Corthal Welding Wire is a gas-shielded flux-cored wire electrode for high-pressure resistant hard facings. The materialistic deposit with additional niobium carbides has also a good resistance against abrasive wear. Applicable in cement crusher rolls, pulverize rolls, hammers.

Submerged Arc Wires & Fluxes - Gases and welding …

2009-1-28 · basic flux BI = 2.7 -Oerlikon Submerged Arc Wires & Fluxes OERLIKON OP 33 • Fluoride semi-basic type flux for welding austenitic stainless and heat resistant steels. • Behaves neutrally with regard to carbon content in the filler wire and therefore, extra low-carbon stainless steels can be welded.

Storage and Handling Recommendations - Oerlikon

2018-4-18 · Storage and Handling Recommendations. 2 Contents OERLIKON Welding Consumables SECTION 1 4.5 - Procedure for the use of OERLIKON SAW flux from DRYBAG † For bulk MAG welding wire delivery systems such as OERLIKON SUPERPAC (figure 4), EXTRAPAC (figure 5) and


2010-3-2 · Böhler Welding BÖHLER type of filler metal Page FOX BVD 90 SMAW stick electrode for vertical-down welding, basic coating, pipe welding 2-60 CM 5-UP/BB 24 SAW wire/flux-coination, high-alloyed, high temperature 2-157 FOX CM 9 Kb SMAW stick electrode, low-alloyed, high temperature 2 …

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